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Break Bulk Cargo Services Include Overseas Shipping

Seeking overseas shipping for break bulk ocean freight? Looking for break bulk cargo services?  

If you need to ship ocean freight that is oversize, on pallets, or loose, you'll probably need break bulk cargo services. At Cargo Experts, Cerex Logistics Co. Ltd, offer a range of cargo services for your break bulk ocean freight.  Our satisfied customers include individuals, small and large companies, and government agencies.

With many years of experience in overseas shipping and break bulk cargo services, we understand the logistics involved in transporting break bulk goods, or ocean freight that is not uniform in size.  Overseas shipping for break bulk items involves careful attention to detail.  It sometimes requires special rigging to safely secure break bulk ocean cargo, and equipment to individually load and unload shipping containers.

Whether transported on pallets, drums, bags, or sacks, we specialize in all types of overseas shipping for break bulk ocean freight.  We are ready to handle any of your break bulk ocean freight for overseas shipping so contact us today for a free online freight quote or to learn more about our cargo services.  

Our cargo services include port to port shipping and door to door service, depending on what you need.  We'll work hard to make sure that your bundled, palletized, crated, or loose break bulk ocean freight is transported safely and securely from pick up through delivery.  Our cargo services also include: 

  • Expertise with overseas shipping for break bulk ocean freight anywhere in the world
  • Experience working with government agencies
  • Onsite packing, rigging, crating, securing, and bracing of your items
  • Direct and personalized pickup and delivery of your break bulk ocean freight, with door to door service from your point of origin to your final destination
  • Referrals to the necessary agencies for all required customs documents
  • Assurance that proper documentation stays with your break bulk ocean freight during overseas shipping.