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Top efficiency through e-Business

Cerex Logistics Co. Ltd has the most advanced IT systems in the shipping industry. These systems are continually enhanced and adapted to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our fully integrated global network supports all essential functions of container logistics. Transport data is entered into the system only once, and can then be tracked in real-time from anywhere in the world. This prevents errors due to duplication, enhances the quality of service through correct documentation and lowers costs for everyone concerned.

Cerex Logistics Co. Ltd Services offers a variety of e-Business solutions for information sharing that are oriented towards the needs of our customers. Thanks to the extensive e-Business solutions, we support the efficient processing of relevant data along the entire transport chain.

Bilateral EDI

Automated direct data exchange

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) offers significant potential for mutual efficiency gained through direct data exchange between your IT systems and Cerex Logistics Co. Ltd Services systems. Structured EDI messages can be fully customized to be aligned to your individual business processes on a global scope.

Cerex Logistics Co. Ltd Services supports all common standardized EDI communication formats (EDIFACT, ANSI, XML) along the entire transport chain.

Detailed “Mapping Implementation Guides” for selected EDI messages are available on request.

Your main benefits
Interaction along the Transport Chain
Main EDI message types and their Customer Value
Your main benefits

Minimizes manual data entry and avoids the need for multiple data input.
Time and cost savings through standardized processes.
Better transparency of your transport chain.
Reduces errors and improves data quality.
Assists in reducing paper consumption and increases productivity.
Ideal for coverage of complex cargoes / hazardous goods.
Professional consulting and qualified support by our EDI project team.
For further details please contact your local Cerex Logistics Co. Ltd Services Sales Office or your Customer Service Representative today.

Interaction along the Transport Chain

When looking at the introduction of useful EDI messages, we focus on your transport process and endeavour to mirror your specific workflow with our in-house processes to fit your specific requirements.

Cerex Logistics Co. Ltd Services offers professional consultation to ensure mutual agreement on the best solution package to be achieved for your company; this may also involve further complementing e-Business features from our “toolbox” of Email- and Web-Solutions.