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Warehousing and Distribution Centers

Keep your products moving with SINEWY solutions that accelerate inventory accuracy and efficiency.

The logistics and warehousing sector is an integral part of Cerex Logistics Co. Ltd, supply chain, and which is becoming more integrated, transparent, accountable and agile. Information technology and customer demand are driving a more integrated approach to logistics management, with the widespread use of real-time freight tracking through electronic monitoring and messaging systems installed in transport vehicles.

In today’s high-velocity business environment, operating efficiency and speed to market count. When it comes to the warehouses and distribution centres that keep your products moving, inventory accuracy and cost controls are just as critical. That’s where Cerex Logistics Co. Ltd, can help.

Cerex Logistics Co. Ltd, innovative sinewy approach to managing warehouses helps you engage employees to eliminate waste, shorten lead times and build-in quality. We’ll locate the perfect site for your distribution center, design a layout and set up processes, equipment and visibility tools. We’ll even hire and train staff to ensure that your goods flow smoothly and inventory arrives when and where it’s needed, in the exact quantity needed.

Warehousing and Distribution Services.

Cross Docking.

Keep products flowing directly from receiving to shipping areas in your warehouse to reduce distribution costs and delivery times.

Reverse Logistics.

Recover asset value from returns and repairs with a reverse logistics solution co-located with forward distribution.